Pakistan Mandarins Kinnow

Pakistan is blessed with a climate ideally suited to the farming of all kinds of fruits – rich in taste and juicy. Farmers have been developing newer strains of fruit by grafting one exotic variety with another.

Sadruddin & Co., is the largest exporter and supplier of high-quality Kinnow mandarins oftenly called Tangeranins or clementines. We process all our products with care.

Sadruddin & Co. is also accredited by the Philippines, China, and the Russian Federation for the supply of fresh Kinnow Mandarins.

Pakistan is the largest producer of Kinnow Mandarin. A variety closer to tangerine and similar in taste. Its aroma and taste make kinnow mandarin one of the best mandarin varieties ever known to mankind.

Kinnow has distinguished attributes than tangerines and Clementine which puts this mandarin on higher rack. By nature, Kinnow is a very strong variety and with a shelf life of more than 2 months with a recommended temperature of +4.0 degrees pulp temperature.


Easy Peel
By nature peel of Kinnow is so attached with pulp that its put off very easily as compared with other mandarins.

Higher Juice content
The Refreshing and mouth watering juice content is very high near to 48%. Color of Kinnow juice is little darker than orange juice which makes it attractive. The aroma just attracts the person’s mind to taste the freshness.

High content of Vitamin C
Kinnow contains about 32 mg of Vitamin C per 100 ml. WHO recommends 45 mg input of Vitamin C per day which means that Kinnow a day fulfills daily requirement of Vitamin C.

The Juicy pulp taste best when consumed in its natural form, however there are other uses like use of pulp in juice to make it pulpy juice or even jams could be made. Check our mandarin jam recipe.

Kinnow Mandarin peel contains good amount of essential oil which can be used in cosmetics and other essence.

Availability and Season
December– April
10 Kgs net, corrugated cartons telescopic / Plastic Crates
06 Kgs net, corrugated cartons telescopic / Plastic Crates
08 Kgs net, corrugated cartons telescopic
13 Kgs net, corrugated cartons telescopic
General production of Kinnow (mandarin) from December to April.