Kinnow Processing Process

Pakistan Kinnow Processing

S&C (Sadruddin & Co) not only believes in packing quality products but believes that quality should remain the same till fruits are delivered to the final consumer.

Application of Food Grade Detergent

To achieve our objective we import all our detergents, fungicides, and waxes from Spain and Italy, which comply with International Standards. Our Kinnow is processed on the highly advanced plant to ensure the best possible quality.

After careful plucking of Kinnow (mandarin) from orchards, fruits processing of Kinnow / Kinoo (Kinno) Mandarin in highly advanced plant sent to packinghouse where first, fruits are graded on a conveyor belt, any substandard fruit is removed at the initial stage.

After initial grading, fruits are passed through the detergent curtain to ensure all dirt are removed to give kinnow a more exquisite and lustrous look.

Washing and Waxing

Kinnows are then passed through high-pressure of water, which ensures that any leftover dirt is removed. After washing kinnows are forwarded to special dryers which dry all water from the surface of mandarins. This stage is most important since it is the pre-waxing stage and Kinnows must be completely dry before waxing. After drying is completed, the mandarins are treated with a fungicide which is acceptable by World Health Organization (WHO), Pakistan Plant protection, and abiding by all laws of the importing country, and wax is applied to give Kinnow its gloss and shine. Once again mandarins are forwarded to dryers to ensure wax has been dried. At this point, one major stage is completed and then Kinnows are sent to the sizer.


The most important part in the packing procedure is sizing. Therefore, we take great care in sizing of Kinnow because we not only emphasize sizes but also on how gently sizing are carried out. We can say that our sizer is the best because of its large capacity, great precision, flexibility, and accuracy. By using state of art electronic variable speed driver we can have exactly the size we desire

Packing and Cold Storing

The third stage is packing, mishandling of Kinnow can ruin the whole process, therefore, it is very important to concentrate on how packing is done.

After Sizing of Kinnow, Take away conveyors transport mandarins smoothly to packing tables where automated traveling sheers evenly distribute kinnow to packers. Every container is PTI ( Pre Trip Inspection ) before loading container, to ensure the best quality arrival at the destination.

Finally Packers re-grade kinnows and fills strong corrugated cartons or plastic crates.

Each Carton or plastic crate is then individually labeled along with our data code. Finally, all Cartons and plastic crates are shifted to cold storage for pre-cooling and storage. After which they are loaded in reefer containers for transportation.