Fresh Potato

Pakistan is one of the most significant countries for Fresh Potatoes exports and cultivation. Sadruddin & Co,, is top potato exporter in Pakistan for the past 20 years. Our potatoes are exported in many regions of world.

Our Fresh Potatoes have regular Yellow and red skin with long and round shape. We export both washed and unwashed potatoes.

Sadruddin & Co. is equipped with ulta-modern potato washing facility in heart of potato fields Okara Punjab, where potato are washed considering all safety protocols. Potatoes are normally packed in PP mesh bags.

Asterix potatoes (red)
Musica POTATOES –also called as Mozika (Brown/Yellow Long)
SANTE POTATOES (Brown/Yellow round)

Product Specification:
Product Name Potato
Scientific Name Solanum tuberosum
Type Vegetable
Place of Origin Pakistan
Maturity 99 – 100 %
Shelf Life 10 months in the refrigerator at +4.0 C
Storage Temperature Room Temperature